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Energy Reporting & Data Management

Did you know that the average energy bill contains over 20 separate pieces of data?

Each piece is relevant to finding savings. Where do you start? How do you make sense of it all? We understand it is daunting. Our energy reporting and data management services will help you break it down, understand, and apply it successfully.

360 Energy can help you with tools and techniques to track utility data and find valuable insights.


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“You have to understand what the data means and how to use it. Once you know your energy story, you can control its outcome.”

Mike Cadesky, Corporate Manager, Indirect Procurement
Samuel, Son & Co.

“360’s expertise in energy data collection and reporting gave us the energy tools we needed, allowing us to better manage our energy spending for all our plants. 360 Energy has become an invaluable member of our energy team, assisting in all areas of our energy procurement and management.”

Bill McCloy

Sample Report

Interested in seeing exactly what you’re getting when you sign up for our reporting services?

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Energy Reporting services from 360 Energy will help you:

  • obtain customized tools to manage utility data and provide analysis and reporting;
  • automate your data recording and bill verification;
  • track energy costs with daily, weekly and monthly market updates and reports;
  • train your staff to understand how data is valuable and relevant to all departments in your organization;
  • determine your energy consumption by site, including highlights or anomalies;
  • implement on-line storage and analysis functions;
  • access meter-specific interval data and related analysis functions on-line;
  • help optimize your sub-metering requirements to tailor to your site needs;
  • assist in development of a competitive tender for metering services as required.

Doef's Greenhouses

Doef’s is realizing there are significant benefits for their organization when they integrate energy management into daily activities.