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Participants in Energy Leaders Consortium Save Over $1 Million

Ten leading companies, each at different stages along the energy management curve, moved ahead in their pursuit of energy excellence. Their improvements helped create both cost savings and carbon emission reductions.

Participants in Energy Leaders Consortium are Expecting to Save Over $1 Million Dollars in the Coming Year

Over the past 12 months, ten leading companies from across the Pearson Eco-Business Zone and the GTA were assembled by Partners in Project Green into a group known as the Energy Leaders Consortium. These organizations, which were from a variety of sectors including food, plastics, and aircraft engine manufacturers, entered into the consortium at different stages along the energy management curve, and moved ahead in their pursuit of energy excellence with 360 Energy as their facilitator.

The Energy Leaders Consortium was assembled to not only give these companies further guidance in improving upon energy management in their organizations, but to give them a forum to discuss ideas and overcome issues with other companies working towards the same goal. At the beginning the group agreed to strive towards sustainable savings of 5%, which would equate to nearly $1 million dollars per year. At the end of 2012, 6 out of the 10 companies alone were reporting a predicted collective energy savings in the coming year of over $1 million dollars, surpassing expectations of a 5% reduction for the entire group. The companies involved also experienced benefits such as a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a positive impact on the environment as well.

One of the participating companies, Broan Nutone Canada, also became ISO 50001 certified, the third such company in Canada to do so (the first being another 360 Energy Customer, St. Marys Cement in Bowmanville). “Now formal roles and responsibilities are connected across the company; it also formalizes our annual energy consumption review process and formally identifies energy saving opportunities so that they are more likely to be implemented” said John Martinovic of the company’s success following the consortium. “Participating organizations now have a better understanding what process and procedures are required to integrate energy management in the organization so that they achieve sustainable annual energy costs savings” said David Arkell President and CEO of 360 Energy.

With a successful first year behind them, Partners in Project Green and 360 Energy are looking forward to assembling a new group of leading companies to guide in further energy savings for 2013, as well as to continue assisting members of last year’s consortium improving their energy performance in their respective organizations.