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Jervis B Webb Finds Savings through a Hands-On Energy Management Program

With the assistance of 360 Energy, Jervis B Webb launched a hands-on Energy Management Program.

Saving Energy with Assistance from 360 Energy

With the assistance of 360 Energy, Jervis B Webb launched a hands-on Energy Management Program in the summer of 2009. Using 360 Energy’s approach to conserving and procuring energy we developed a cross-functional team that involved personnel from finance, procurement, plant management, maintenance, safety and environmental to ensure true organizational integration of the program.
As part of its Energy Management Program, Jervis B Webb developed a roadmap to improve its energy performance. A detailed action plan was created with assistance from 360 Energy to ensure that a systematic process was in place to measure performance. The action plan is regularly updated, most often on a weekly basis, to reflect recent achievements, changes in performance, and shifting priorities.

Firstly, we looked at the obvious, which for us, was lighting. A lighting retrofit saved us $67,000 with a payback period of less than 6 months. 360 Energy assisted us on technical projects such as this, but also assisted us in implementing procedures and management techniques to manage the energy.

During the process we also critically examined our Energy Data Management and organized the available information to produce a comprehensive database of our facility usage and cost information. 360 Energy demonstrated the importance of energy reporting and how it can be used to control usage and energy procurement. For example, we were able to see when staff turned equipment such as lighting, HVAC and compressors on and off during production and nonproduction periods. We found and eliminated excessive variations in heat, electricity and water consumption that had no justifiable explanations.

After looking at this, we implemented 360 Energy’s traffic light program, which indicates which pieces of equipment can be turned off and which can’t. Process changes in our shutdown procedures resulting from traffic light program saved us about $23,000 annually in energy spend. This was one key areas of energy saving opportunity for us as we developed our Sustainable Energy Program.