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It’s All Hands On Deck At Samuel, Son & Co.

Samuel, Son and Co. is on a journey. Like other successful companies in this industry, it operates in a turbulent business environment. Competition is strong. The rules of the game change quickly. Costs keep rising. Social and environmental impacts are closely scrutinized.

Samuel’s executive team is well aware that the company’s long-term success depends on successfully navigating through these myriad challenges. Fortunately, Samuel’s managers have a good map and compass. They have discovered, to the surprise of some, energy holds the key.

Bill Chisholm, President & CEO of Samuel, Son & Co. introduces and discusses the importance of Managing Energy Throughout Samuel

The Samuel Energy Coach program began in February 2018. Multidisciplinary teams were formed at manufacturing and service centre sites comprised of people from key areas and in diverse positions. Corporate success requires all hands on deck, and the site teams reflect that.

After only four months preparation, 7 teams were on deck in mid-July to present their site energy plans to each other and to the Manufacturing President and Divisional Presidents. What happened?

Each team reviewed the history of managing energy at their sites. Each team then explained how they intended to reduce energy costs by 5% or more in the next 6 to 12 months. Here is a small sample of what teams had discovered at specific sites:

• 10,000 kWh/day of power is used when no production is on line. While some equipment may need to stay on, the waste will be eliminated.
• Upgrading five production line units saves over $200,000/year, making for a short payback on the investment.

• Shifts have been rescheduled to shave peak energy use. Their savings? Over $24,000/year.

The value of Energy Coach sold itself:

“Energy Coach’s the team-based approach has developed a management process which is identifying concrete actions, accountability and is achieving real results. I’m very pleased with the teams’ progress in such a short time frame and am confident each will achieve meaningful results.”

– Rod Crawford, President, Manufacturing

“Participating in the 360 Energy Coach Program has allowed PVG Lebanon to develop a well-rounded plan to achieve energy
savings, not only for a temporary timeline but hopefully for years to come, by implementing multiple quick-win, low-cost projects that can sustain themselves over time.”

– Matthew Nunley, Plant Accountant, Samuel Pressure Vessel Group

“The biggest benefit of the July 19th meeting was to see what other facilities are doing and to benchmark against our current state.”

– John Anderson, Plant Manager, Tubular Products

“With the addition of the Energy Coach program, our team now has increased knowledge and ability to communicate. It has helped us to identify additional areas for improvement. The energy and enthusiasm of the team is keeping all of us motivated. The knowledge base being built within Samuel will also help when it comes to requesting energy-related capital approvals in the future.”

ATG Markham, “Team Jellyfish”

It is well known that the best-laid plans can sometimes go sideways. Successful implementation of the energy plans at each site will be essential. The Energy Coach Program requires 360 Energy to hold monthly meetings with each team to give them any support they need.

Will the energy management knowledge created by employees help Samuel journey safely through turbulent seas? There is much anticipation and excitement about what the energy teams will reveal next.