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Certification in Energy Excellence

Leaders who are passionate about excellence in management will question the perception that energy costs cannot be controlled. Such leaders see energy management as a doorway, not a distraction, to helping their organization excel.

360 Energy developed the Certification in Energy Excellence (CEE) process for these types of leaders.

What is CEE?

CEE supports and empowers teams who are committed to being the best they can be. The certification confirms that an organization is proactive and collaborative, produces verifiable results and strives for continual improvement. The certification process is led by 360 Energy, but assessed by the third-party National Energy Foundation (UK) to ensure unbiased scoring.

CEE goes beyond ISO 50001 by providing mentoring in addition to evaluation. The assessment emphasizes teamwork and real outcomes more than processes and documentation.

“The Certification in Energy Excellence pushes us to dig deeper, to find real savings and not just become good at management processes.  CEE also addresses energy costs from multiple angles, not just energy efficiency.”

Louis Kaye
Plant Accounting Manager, St. Marys Cement, Bowmanville Plant

“Pursuing the energy management initiative and getting everyone in the same room as a team and seeing how each other’s roles interfaced with the energy management initiative; that in itself, really just being in that group and having a common goal, built a better team.”

Robin Manzer
Production Manager, St. Marys Cement, St. Marys Ontario Plant

The 360 Energy Certification in Energy Excellence will help you:

  • train and mentor your staff to ensure real savings and continuous improvement;
  • make energy management an on-going team endeavor and not just an annual checklist;
  • secure executive/management commitment to energy excellence;
  • validate your energy procurement practices;
  • validate your energy efficiency practices, policies and projects;
  • validate your measurable performance improvements.

St. Marys Cement has once again demonstrated its excellence at managing energy, becoming the first ISO 50001 recipient in Canada. The organization has previously received two Certifications in Energy Excellence.