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360 Energy works very closely with a variety of partners to provide our comprehensive package of coaching and support services. Our in-house staff offer substantial expertise, but in select areas it makes more sense to draw on the capabilities of others. We work with data management experts, utility companies, engineering firms, and others to provide you with the best possible advice.


  360 Energy Inc. is now an OPsaver Consultant, approved to deliver the OPsaver program available to customers of Toronto Hydro and Oakville Hydro. If your organization is in the industrial, commercial or institutional sectors and located in one of those areas, you may benefit. The program offers rebates for companies that achieve electricity reductions through management practices instead of large capital investments. An organization that uses 5 million kWh of electricity annually (spending approximately $50,000 per month) can expect to achieve savings of $120,000 over 4 years if you sustain a 5% reduction in electricity use.


360 Energy can help you qualify for the program and achieve optimal savings that are sustained over time  Call us to learn more. 


360 Energy’s Technical Energy Network (TEN) Over the past 15 years, 360 Energy has cultivated a network of individuals who provide unparalleled engineering expertise. Their specialized technical knowledge supports our coaching and certification programs and other specific client needs. Members of TEN bring experience both as consultants and operations managers in large organizations. Whether a client requires a walk-through or a full energy audit, members of our TEN network can deliver. For 360 Energy customers, this means one-stop shopping for a complete energy management solution. We’re recruiting new TEN members. See if you’re the right fit.