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360 Energy Team

David Arkell

President and CEO

David Arkell is driven by two key beliefs: a passion to help others perform better than they ever thought they could, and the knowledge that a diverse team effort is the best way to secure measurable and lasting energy savings. Since 1995, these passions have helped his clients save money, reduce emissions, and improve their business processes. Dave’s greatest reward is seeing client organizations embed an energy culture, and sustain measurable savings year over year. When not at work, you will find Dave watching the CFL and spending time with his wife, two daughters, and son.

John Pooley

Vice President, Program Development & Chief Assessor for CEE

Based in the UK, John has been with 360 Energy since 2006. He is both an engineer and management consultant by qualification and is a leading UK expert in energy and carbon management. John prides himself on developing innovative solutions and realizing sustained savings. He was instrumental in developing 360 Energy’s Certification in Energy Excellence program. In his spare time John is an active Rotarian, having fun while making a contribution to the local and global communities.

Tom Brown

Director, New Product Development

Tom has been part of the 360 Energy Team for over 7 years and has more than 20 years of sales and product management experience. He has played a key role in developing and launching many of 360 Energy’s programs. Tom is always studying the horizon for new technologies and approaches to help our clients. Tom’s writing on energy management best practices have been published in CMA and Environmental Science & Engineering magazines. He enjoys the entrepreneurial spirit of the 360 team and their agility in responding to client needs. Tom enjoys outdoor activities and believes any day is a good day for an outdoor BBQ.

Jennifer Niece

Director, Sustainability and Client Services

Jennifer joined our team in 2016 following a very positive experience as a 360 Energy client. She has a passion for helping companies do well by doing good. Business should be financially profitable while proactively addressing climate change and other environmental and social challenges. Jennifer combines her experience in customer service and strategic planning to enhance 360’s service delivery. She has first hand experience embedding energy as a foundation of corporate sustainability programs. Jennifer’s favourite personal energy conservation strategy is cycling – for errands, fun and fitness!

Joe Hall

Director, Business Development

With over 25 years of North American and International experience in senior sales and business development roles, Joe has joined the 360 team to lead the organization’s client growth. Successfully growing new business and customer relationships in high growth emerging markets has been a constant in Joe’s career and similarly, he will lead in the development of solutions with our clients’ leadership as Energy management becomes an emerging focus in their organization’s strategic plans and sustainability policies. Joe is an avid golfer in the summer and curler in the winter, interests which he shares with his family.

Lisa Brodeur

Senior Account Manager

Lisa has been a member of the 360 Energy team for over 9 years and every day, continues to learn more about the ever-changing energy industry. She takes pride in understanding our clients’ needs and bringing each and every one long term success. She is proud to be a part of a team that brings people together and pushes them to achieve more while spending less. She takes this philosophy to heart, spending as much time as possible in the outdoors with her family, appreciating the little things which bring great joy. “Happiness is not a goal…it is a life well lived.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Julie Kee

Account Manager

Julie has been with 360 Energy since 2010, and is the primary contact for many of our natural gas and electricity customers. She is experienced in most areas of our services, delivering electricity and natural gas market and procurement services, energy trainings, as well as metering and data management. She loves working with our amazing customers and ensuring valuable responses to all their energy questions. When not at the office, you will find Julie enjoying the great outdoors, including her extensive volunteer work tagging, banding and tracking wild trumpeter swans. She also teaches classes in a variety of visual arts.

James Williams


James first joined 360 Energy as a co-op student in 2011, and returned full time as an analyst in 2013. He enjoys digging deep to get to the root of what’s going on in the energy markets and finding new ways to help customers save even more. Among other valuable skills, James is 360 Energy’s resident Cap and Trade expert. Outside of work, James enjoys tackling crosswords and puzzles, as well as playing the bagpipes.

Kristian Johnson

Account Manager

Kristian joined 360 Energy in 2017 as an Account Manager. He prides himself on delivering professional customer service and helping organizations get the most value from their energy. He understands that ensuring social, environmental and economic sustainability is key to the developing an even brighter future. Kristian comes from a background in bioenergy, having recently completed his Master’s thesis in the storage of feedstocks for bioenergy production. Kristian enjoys the outdoors and volunteers his time cleaning garbage out of the local watersheds.