The Journey to Energy Excellence for Greenhouses

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The Journey to Energy Excellence for Greenhouses

The Journey to Energy Excellence program has been developed to improve the energy performance of existing greenhouse growers.  The program integrates current management techniques, operating equipment and affiliated services and providers to find ways to improve energy performance by 10 to 25%.  The grower and their key stakeholders will undertake a process that prioritizes what actions will be taken by each party, which will directly impact their bottom line in a positive manner.

By undertaking this process, a grower will develop a customized blue print on how to implement a program that provides measurable savings and benefits.  The growers participation in this journey will be able to demonstrate the site’s leadership to their customers, employees and local community.  This program not only covers natural gas, oil, electricity and bio-fuels, but water and even CO2.  All forms of energy that are used are evaluated to determine how they can be utilized and optimized to help the grower improve their performance.  

This proven program by 360 Energy, is a 5 step process, that will integrate North American Greenhouse Growers and their suppliers with the world’s best energy management practices.  With the potential to save 3 to 10 times more than the initial investment in the program, it makes great business sense for growers to pursue sustainable practices in a quickly changing, very competitive marketplace.

Step 1: Information Gathering

Step 2: Assessment

Step 3: Developing a Sustainable Energy Plan

Step 4: Implementation

Step 5: Monitoring & Feedback


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