Sustainable Energy Planning

The proven path to success

To remain profitable, organizations must confront new environmental challenges in an attempt to reduce their energy footprints.

Creating an energy plan is the first step towards this goal. Participants in this program will understand the issues that affect their energy costs and gain insights into effectively managing and optimizing their opportunities for savings.

A 4-phased approach to creating and implementing an energy plan

  • Energy Radar Assessment

    Energy Radar Assessment

    By interviewing key stakeholders, we'll quickly categorize current energy management activity and gauge opportunities for your site.

  • Sustainable Energy Planning Workshop

    Sustainable Energy Planning Workshop

    a fast paced 1-day interactive session with exposure to over 60 world-wide best practices. All the tools and templates required to get your site on the path to success are provided.

  • 360 Energy Support

    360 Energy Support

    After creating an energy plan we'll provide assistance in presenting it to senior management, ensuring resources are available to meet your goals, objectives, and reduction targets.

  • Yearly Review

    As a living document, a sustainable plan needs to be updated regularly. We'll help track performance and savings throughout the review process, and provide input as the plan is refreshed.