Monitoring and Targeting

monitoring-and-targetingThe practice of energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) provides a systematic approach to gaining and maintaining control over energy consumption through measurement and analysis followed up by well directed actions.

The key steps to effective M&T are:

  • Measurement of energy consumption over time,
  • Measurement of influencing factors (weather, production, occupancy) over
    corresponding time intervals,
  • Development of a relationship (a model) between energy and the
    influencing factors,
  • Establishment of reduction targets,
  • Frequent comparison of actual consumption with targets,
  • Reporting of consumption and target variances,
  • Initiating actions to ensure targets are met.

Perhaps the most important step is the final one: initiating actions. Without this the entire effort will not succeed.

Energy cost savings are the primary objective of M&T systems.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved budgeting and forecasting,
  • Improved product/service costing,
  • Tracking and verification of energy efficiency retrofits,
  • Opportunity for improved operation and maintenance practices