Footprint Identification

Footprint IdentificationA Carbon Footprint is the measure of how much carbon dioxide & greenhouse gases that a business or organization is responsible for releasing into the atmosphere through everyday activities. These activities can be through the transportation of all goods & commodities, through manufacturing, and can include such things as product usage as well as end of life disposal of products. Any of these elements and more can affect an organization’s carbon footprint, and how deeply an organization wishes to look into these factors depends on their commitment to improving on their environmental impact.

Each business’ needs are different, and thus calculating a carbon footprint will differ between each organization and the next. The extent to which a footprint can be reduced is entirely up to each organization, but a program can be customized to meet individual companies’ needs and requirements for decreasing the impact they have on the planet, and thus on their bottom line.

The good news is, reducing energy use, reducing the size of your carbon footprint, and saving money are all related; it’s difficult to do one without accomplishing the others. The days of assuming the environment and best business practices are at odds with one another are over; they are intricately intertwined. The burning of fossil fuels and their controlled usage are the main factors that will reduce the size of your carbon footprint. It will also save you the costs associated with their use.