Employee Awareness Initiatives

Employee-Awareness-InitiativesAs part of the Energy Coach program, 360 Energy can help companies integrate energy management throughout every level. Employee involvement is an often overlooked aspect of energy savings, and participants receive training on best practices for reducing energy consumption with little to no capital investment.

Employees at every level need to be aware of energy saving efforts that are being undertaken by their organization. Even those who believe that they are not responsible for energy procurement or consumption still have some effect on how energy is used. 360 Energy’s Employee Awareness Initiatives are a low risk way to reduce energy savings within the organization, and with no capital cost. These initiatives help employees recognize how they can drive change, and allow the organization to overcome barriers to change. Employees typically feel as if energy management is not their job, or that management is not really committed to managing energy.

By increasing employee awareness about the steps that they can take to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption, companies can realize significant cost and energy savings.