Energy Coach

Energy Coach

Sustain your competitive advantage

The work is not done once an energy plan has been created and it's not unusual for organizations to cite a lack of time, resources or expertise as reasons for poorly executing an energy management program.

Objective third-party support and feedback is crucial in motivating organizations to succeed. With a minimum 12 months of support, the program equips an organization with the tools necessary to evaluate their current level of energy management activity, recruit an energy team that is engaged in implementing the set goals and objectives, and achieve energy cost and consumption reductions.

This program allows for unparalleled candid dialogue and discussion with one of the most prominent energy experts in North America.

Drawing on international experience, the expert advice provided on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis will provide participants will valuable recommendations and strategies. There are measurable benefits for all participants regardless of previous industry or personal experience. All participants will improve cost control and bottom-line performance.

Here are a few example modules: