Commodity Management

It's smooth sailing with 360 Energy

Commodity management is an integral part to any successful energy management initiative. To be effective, you must achieve real and measurable results for your organization. You can do this with ease by engaging in one or more of our programs.

We have the expertise and market knowledge to understand what is happening in a broad range of industries. We not only understand the markets, but we help you to understand them as well. Our in-depth training shows you what you need to do so you can effectively and successfully implement commodity management once your training is complete.

With pro-active management, savings can now be verified

See below or contact us for more information:

  • Procurement


    Protect your bottom-line by developing your optimal natural gas and/or electrical purchasing and account management strategy

  • Energy Reporting

    Energy Reporting

    Learn how to cut waste and optimize your operations by receiving energy usage and pricing information in a real-time or 24-hour delay format.

  • Demand Response

    Demand Response

    Learn how to jump-start a new revenue stream by reducing your consumption at peak times.

  • Natural gas Load-balancing

    Natural gas Load-balancing

    Forecasting natural gas usage can be a challenge. With hundreds of contacts and relationships, we can assist in purchasing or selling your additional natural gas