Certification in Energy Excellence

Certification in Energy Excellence

Sustain your competitive advantage

This program has been developed to help create leaders in energy management and demonstrates that an organization is taking a proactive approach (shown through verifiable results) and that they strive for continuous improvement in energy management. It's been proven that organizations progressing through this process will save a minimum of 3% on their annual energy bills. Four levels of certification can be achieved: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Four distinct levels of focus:

  • Management commitment to energy

    Management commitment to energy

    A mandate from senior management must be identified outlining the organization's energy management practices for the next three years.

  • Energy procurement practices

    Energy procurement practices

    Often overlooked, management of the commodity takes centre stage.

  • Investment in energy efficiency

    Investment in energy efficiency

    By not leaving audits on the shelf, the organization will illustrate their successful implementation of processes, programs, and projects.

  • Demonstrated energy performance improvements

    Demonstrated energy performance improvements

    Verifiable energy improvements demonstrate the organizations leadership in their industry and community.