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Planning for Sustainability

As an operator of water and waste water facilities, the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) investigates all opportunities to provide better value to water and waste water system owners. Managing key process consumables such as energy is essential to ensuring good value for their clients.


For OCWA, approximately 1/4 of the cost of delivering water and waste water services relates to the consumption of energy. With an annual energy expenditure of approximately $20 million for the South Peel operations alone, even a modest energy cost avoidance of 2% would result in annual savings of $400,000. This can also be compounded once you take into consideration potential incentives for greenhouse gas reductions.

The Region of Peel is one of OCWA’s largest clients and is a recognized leader in municipal energy management. Peel Region, as well as many other clients, have come to expect OCWA to enhance its energy management strategies and to reduce its impact on the environm

In an effort to advance their energy saving initiatives, OCWA enlisted the support of 360 Energy Inc. and their Sustainable Energy Planning process.

OCWA’s Manager of Corporate Planning & Communications, Glen Lang, spearheaded this new initiative and married 360 Energy’s knowledge in the energy industry with their internal expertise on water and waste water operations.


While OCWA already had plans to purchase more efficient equipment and monitoring devices, the 360 Energy model ensured that they also placed an emphasis on changing behaviours and internal processes on managing energy. As Lang, pointed out, “360’s program is not simply a monitoring tool or an evaluation matrix; it is a framework for organizational change.”


After completing their work with 360 Energy, OCWA is now implementing new opportunities to both reduce and alter their energy use patterns. They are also working towards improving the integration of energy procurement and operational usage at their facilities.

When asked how the 360 workshop helped OCWA, Lang stated, “360’s sustainable energy planning session….gave our organization a running start on our plan. It provided the right stimulus for us to think about our energy use and procurement in a fresh way and also provided a well thought out framework to develop and implement our plan.”


360 Energy knows that the first step towards reducing an organization’s energy footprint is to develop a plan. The 360 Sustainable Energy Planning first focuses on understanding how different departments factor energy into their daily functions and what opportunities exist in energy management based on current practices.

This is followed by exposure to fast-paced, interactive workshops where participants are exposed to over 60 worldwide best practices, and are given the tools and templates to develop their own customized energy plan with 360 Energy assistance. After creating the plan, 360 Energy provides assistance in presenting the plan to senior management and ensures that the resources are available for the organization to reach its goals and energy reduction targets.