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"St. David's chose 360 Energy because of the knowledge and experience of the staff. After changing some key people, the service proved to be the same or even better than before. The professional staff was able to provide key information at the right time.”- Toine van der Knaap

360 services

St. Davids energy needs included acquiring a better understanding of the market, predicting future costs (although this is difficult), monitoring accounts to avoid mistakes, and setup of the most cost efficient strategies for the company, both short and long-term. This results in a trustworthy and good relationship.

360 performance

"In general, we were skeptical in the beginning, but after discussions with 360 Energy staff, I knew 360 would pull out all the stops to make it work. Looking after the accounts and investigating what can be improved or fixed is done in a quick and timely matter. I have to say this is impressive. I also feel that 360 has a good team together that can tackle any energy needs for St David's."