About Us


From its early beginnings as Energy Information Systems to what it's known as today, 360 Energy has evolved over the past 13 years into one of North America's leading energy services firms.


  • May 2011 - 360 Energy speaks at the AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) President’s Summit on Energy in Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • April 2011 - over 360 attendees of 360 Energy’s SEP presentations to date
  • September 2010 - 360 Energy partners with the University of Windsor to provide the APCEM (Advanced Professional Certificate in Energy Management) course
  • August 2010 - 360 Energy welcomes Pete Hendrickson, our North American Greenhouse Sales Agent, to its team
  • October 2009 – St. Mary’s Cement receives Silver Certification in Energy Excellence
  • November 2008 – The Region of Peel receives Gold Certification in Energy Excellence
  • October 2008 - St. Mary’s Cement enrolls in CEE
  • September 2008 – 360 Energy speaks at the Ontario Economic Summit
  • November 2007 – The Region of Peel becomes first client to enroll in CEE program
  • November, 2007 - The Certification in Energy Excellence (CEE) program is launched
  • March, 2007 - B.C. Hydro partners with 360 energy to offer the SEP Workshop to its customers
  • February, 2007 - Through a partnership with David Mahoney, The Sustainable Energy Planning Workshop is introduced to Canada
  • 2006 - Canadian Niagara Energy changes its name to 360 Energy Inc, reflecting the all-encompassing service package offered.
  • 2005 - FortisOntario Inc. and minority share holders sell their controlling stake to EIS. Canadian Niagara Energy continues to be the name of the organization.
  • 2002 - Canadian Niagara Energy begins to offer electrical management consulting
  • 2001 - EIS forms a joint venture with FortisOntario inc., a M&T and natural gas management consulting company called Canadian Niagara Energy
  • 2000 - EIS begins industrial natural gas consulting.
  • 1999 - EIS switches focus to become an energy information bureau.
  • 1995 - Energy Information Systems (EIS), a monitoring & targeting company selling software, was formed.