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St Marys Cement Recognized for Energy Excellence

St. Marys Cement, one of North America's largest cement plants, has been recognized by the National Energy Foundation for their leadership in achieving energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions. The Bowmanville plant has achieved $10 Million in cost savings since they began implementing their energy management program nearly a decade ago. St Marys Cement has reduced their energy usage by 171,429,000 kWh and lowered their CO2 emissions by 31,886 tonnes since 2009.

The UK based National Energy Foundation provides independent verification of the results reported by through the Certification in Energy Excellence program, and St. Marys Cement was awarded a Gold Level Certification in Energy Excellence. Peel Region, who along with St. Marys received their original Certification award in 2009, also received a Gold Level award this past year when they recertified.

Nearly a decade ago, St. Marys Cement became an early adopter of a company-wide energy management concept offered by 360 Energy. 360 Energy is one of Canada's leading energy management services providers. 360 Energy's Certification in Energy Excellence program has enabled St Marys Cement team to implement the best worldwide energy management practices on site. These practices are as diverse as effective energy procurement; employee engagement and buy-in; rigorous reviews of energy consumption throughout the company and an internal investment program in cost savings projects.

St. Marys Cement first received Energy Excellence certification in 2009, obtaining a Silver award. The company's energy management & conservation committee, "E=MC2" has provided energy management leadership to the company ever since. Their success in achieving annual savings of between $750,000 and $1,000,000 resulted in an upgrade to Gold level certification.

St. Marys Cement has also become the first organization in North America certified in ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management. This was a further benefit to St. Marys Cement from participating in 360 Energy's Certification in Energy Excellence Program. 360 Energy employs worldwide best practices under the CEE Program and therefore, most of the requirements to certify in ISO 50001 were already met when St. Marys Cement sought this designation in 2012. Jason Schultz, Quality Manager at St Marys, notes that "CEE and ISO 50001certification go hand in hand: ISO 50001 provides the framework for a strong energy management system, while CEE ensures that the energy gains are validated (and implemented)".

The success of St Marys program lies with the E=MC2 team. Their collaborative approach with employees at every level in the company has enabled the ongoing commitment to achieving cost, energy and environmental savings. The gains have been worthwhile and have made St. Marys in Bowmanville a leader in energy management throughout Canada & North America.


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