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Samuel, Son & Co. and the Journey to Energy Excellence

Samuel, Son & Company and the Journey to Energy Excellence

Samuel, Son & Co. has achieved significant benefits by pursuing continuous improvement in energy performance.  Their success is attributed to being able to integrate energy management activity and responsibility throughout the organization.   They have properly applied technology in their operation and have implemented appropriate management procedures to effectively manage energy within the company. Both actions are supported by ongoing energy monitoring and reporting to various levels and disciplines within the company.

Learn how your organization can reduce your energy annual costs by 5 to 25%

Organizations including those in the industrial, MUSH, and greenhouse sectors are increasingly looking to reduce avoidable costs. Realizing that energy is not a fixed cost and by implementing measures to improve energy management throughout their organizations, as Samuel Son and Company has done, will allow these organizations to achieve substantial savings. By implementing proven energy excellence methods like utility rate optimization, equipment retrofitting, preventative maintenance, energy monitoring, and bill verification, organizations can improve efficiency and reduce both waste and costs. By being proactive in managing energy and water, an organization who purses energy excellence can reduce annual energy costs by anywhere from 5% to as much as 25%. 


View Samuel's video profiling their Journey to Energy Excellence

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