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St Marys Cement – First Organization in North America to Receive ISO 50001 Designation

St. Marys Cement in Bowmanville, Ontario, has received the first International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001 designation granted in North America, which has resulted in savings of nearly $3 million in energy costs during the past 3 years. They received this distinction after their energy team identified and acted upon over 100 separate energy efficiency initiatives.


According to Fabio Garcia, Manager of Plant Operations, “employee awareness of the energy costs for various operations and procedures and training of staff paid huge dividends at a cement plant, where significant amounts of energy consumption are fairly normal for our sector”.


“St Marys Cement has demonstrated ongoing industry leadership throughout this 3 year journey to energy excellence. 360 Energy of Burlington Ontario has played a key role in assisting St Marys Cement establish an energy management philosophy that has been integrated throughout the organization”, said David Arkell, President and CEO of 360 Energy.


The new ISO 50001 certification helps businesses to understand and modify their energy consumption, and has the added benefit of communicating to customers, regulators and suppliers how the recipient is reducing their overall energy use and GHG emissions.


Both Fabio Garcia and David Arkell agree that the energy conservation elements of ISO 50001 designation drives substantial energy savings and cost avoidance for any organization undertaking this journey. “It takes a very strong commitment from everyone working at the organization, day in and day out, and this is why St. Marys has qualified as being the first to receive this recognition” says Garcia.



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