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Have You Tapped into Your Power Source?

"Tap into Your Power Source" starts off breakfast series on a high note

On Thursday, March 3, Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro and Waterloo North Hydro kicked off their 2011 educational series “Tap into Your Power Source” with over 90 representatives from top industrial and commercial customers from the Region of Waterloo.

Dave Arkell, President and CEO of 360 Energy, was the guest speaker and spoke on the topic of building a business case for and creating a culture of energy efficiency in companies.  His main point was that “Most organizations rely on one person or department to manage energy, which leads to a project approach versus a management process. In reality, everyone in the organization impacts what, where, when, who and how much is used; their collective knowledge on a daily basis will pay huge returns to the company and employees”.

He went on to suggest that senior management and people on the floor need to be involved and committed to control or reduce energy, similar to quality management. This will create a successful, sustainable approach to energy management.  One option which he recommended was building a cross-discipline team incorporating engineering and maintenance, operations, IT, and accounting staff. Once the team is assembled, it can investigate possible technological and personnel solutions and create a comprehensive business case or plan presenting the financial and environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

The utilities stressed during their address that the energy conservation landscape had changed drastically when they were mandated conservation and demand management targets that have to be achieved by the end of 2014.  To help customers meet these targets and realize savings, they announced that they will be launching a portfolio of programs under the saveONenergy for Business moniker, in cooperation with the Ontario Power Authority. This portfolio will include making incentives and program-oriented customer service available. It will also serve to help customers build business cases and find ways to implement energy-saving projects. They closed by saying that anyone currently considering projects should contact their LDC representative or 360 Energy.

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