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Caledon Town Council Endorses a three year Energy Plan


On Tuesday December 13th, Jeremy Schembri, the town of Caledon’s Energy and Environment coordinator, presented a 3 year plan that he and his team had prepared to the town’s council.  The corporate energy plan was based on 360 Energy Inc. process and guidance.  360 Energy’s approach is a business approach to energy management that integrates participation throughout the organization.  It requires senior management approval and on going support providing a focus by internal and external resources within the Town of Caledon to develop and execute a sustainable approach to energy procurement and conservation.  David Arkell President & CEO of 360 Energy Inc stated   “The program will yield continuous improvements and energy cost reduction over time which will be measured and reported by the town”.  The 3 year energy plan presented was endorsed and accepted by the Town of Caledon’s council.

“With five distinct energy management goals, Caledon's Corporate Energy Management Plan not only illustrates the Town's commitment to remain on the forefront of energy management, but also provides a solid framework to achieve our mandate of reducing waste, maximizing efficiencies and generating clean energy," said Caledon’s Mayor,  Marolyn Morrison.

The Town Of Caledon already has the title of being “Ontario’s Greenest Town”, a title the town intends to keep.  Putting in place an energy plan is an integral part of maintaining this title.  The town’s energy plan considers the greenhouse gas emissions created through energy generation and consumption, and looks to reduce these factors through energy management.  The plan will also yield another positive for the town; avoided costs in relation to reduced energy consumption.  Through new procurement strategies, retrofitting town equipment and new energy use strategies, the town will protect itself from many of the costs involved with energy consumption which are only expected to increase in the future.

As the “Greenest town in Ontario”, the Town of Caledon has positioned itself well with the endorsement of the new energy plan.  Its acceptance of energy use as a vital element of the health and wellbeing of citizens and the environment demonstrates the town’s responsibility; indeed, the cost savings that will also result from implementing the plan ensure that it’s truly a win-win situation for the Town of Caledon.

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