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360 Energy Welcomes Pete Hendriksen to the Team!

Burlington, Ontario, Aug. 26, 2010: Mr. David Arkell, President & CEO, 360 Energy Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Pete Hendriksen as North American Greenhouse Sales Agent.  360 Energy is one of North America's leading energy services firms and provides comprehensive and effective energy management programs and energy saving initiatives through its head office in Burlington, Ontario.

With clients across the continent and in a variety of sectors, our team of seasoned professionals has the industry experience, market knowledge, and expert insight to customize our services to meet your needs. We recognize that effective energy management is an ongoing process and we are constantly revisiting and revising our approaches to ensure continuous improvement.  With superior customer service, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to improving bottom-line performance, 360 Energy consistently strives to exceed client expectations. We are dedicated to improving our customer's profitability and environmental performance.

Mr. Hendriksen, will serve signature greenhouse accounts in Canada and the United States. Pete Hendriksen is a marketing and sales specialist in the greenhouse industry and his professional career in the greenhouse industry spans over 30 years. Many of these years were spent working as a marketing and sales manager for international companies, which exposed him to new ideas and industry networks. He is now using this knowledge of the greenhouse industry in North America to help 360 Energy Inc. develop signature marketing and sales strategies for their top quality services.

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