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360 Energy Launches the Technical Expert Network

Burlington, Ontario, Jul. 7, 2010: 360 Energy is introducing the Technical Expert Network (TEN) to help organizations quickly identify and implement technical energy solutions to reduce operating costs and protect the environment.  TEN is made up of world class engineers who have over 15 years of experience and have expertise in specific subject matter such as lighting, boilers, lean maintenance, fans and pumps, cogeneration and HVAC.

David Arkell, President & CEO, says “We recognize that in our effort to assist organizations in energy management, properly applying technology in conjunction with management best practices and information technology is absolutely essential if organizations want to control energy costs.”  Dipal Patel, Product Manager, points out that “Far too often organizations do not know who to speak to in order to solve a variety of technical energy management challenges and TEN addresses this issue.”

Over the past two years 360 Energy has been developing this program to provide proven and well-established technical experts to assist in energy management activity.    Most importantly, these experts are all independent of any specific technology or equipment manufacturer, which ensures that organizations receive unbiased recommendations that best suit their facility.  The power of an independent review can help organizations make the right decisions for retrofits, re-commissioning, infrastructure upgrades and any changes to the facility equipment.  A review of facilities will include recommendations from all applicable technologies with a breakdown of various options including available incentive money.

John Pooley, 360 Energy’s Chief Energy Assessor, who has done this work for the UK Carbon Trust will oversee the program and states that “We have designed this program to ensure customers receive a consistently high quality standard of work that meets and hopefully exceeds customer expectations.”  Building a business case for energy savings has never been easier with the tools available from 360 Energy.

For a limited time, 360 Energy is offering site scope visits to companies interested in a Technical Expert study. Contact 360 Energy to find out more.

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360 Energy Inc is one of North America's leading energy services firms based in Ancaster, Ontario. They have been providing customized energy solutions for more than ten years to organizations across North America.