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City of Thunder Bay and Town of Caledon Planning for Sustainability

Burlington, Ontario, May 19, 2010: Both the City of Thunder Bay and the Town of Caledon have taken notable steps in the past to improve their energy management practices and reduce energy usage.  They have also both set admirable goals for energy use reduction in the future.  To assist in achieving these goals and to help develop a clear path for achieving sustainability, these energy leaders enlisted the services of 360 Energy and entered into the Sustainable Energy Planning Program.

The City of Thunder Bay has set a goal to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through the wise use of energy and to promote the transition to a carbon neutral future, with an objective to reduce total fossil energy usage by 35% below 2005 levels by 2017.  This impressive goal is outlined in the EarthWise Thunder Bay Community Environmental Action Plan.  The EarthWise Plan not only includes energy but also incorporates transportation, air quality, community involvement, education, food, buildings, land use, pesticides, waste and water.  With little more than an overarching energy reduction target, the City developed a diverse energy team and then turned to 360 Energy to help develop a clear and strategic roadmap for achieving the goal set out in the EarthWise Plan.

Planning and Research Analyst for the Facilities & Fleet Department commented that the Program was “a start in the right direction towards managing energy” and the EarthWise Energy Chair pointed out that it provides a “valuable framework”.

The Town of Caledon, through its commitment to Partners for Climate Protection, has a directive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy consumption, and has set out to align the Town of Caledon’s activities with the parameters set out in the Ontario Green Energy Act.  The Town’s energy team enlisted 360 Energy’s services to help identify immediate areas of energy saving opportunities, and to develop an effective energy plan to guide them towards achieving their long-term goal.

Both participants received their 360 Assessments and have already completed the one-day Sustainable Energy Planning Workshop.  With ongoing mentoring and support from 360 Energy, both the City of Thunder Bay and the Town of Caledon will be completing their energy plans this year.


360 Energy Speaks at Peel Region Energy Matters Summit

On April 26th and 27th, 360 Energy attended the sixth annual Peel Region Energy Matters Summit, Ontario’s leading conference on public sector energy management and environmental sustainability.  The two-day summit brought together international leaders in the field of energy research and management from municipalities, universities, colleges, school boards and health care sectors to discuss the importance of energy management within organizations.  360 Energy President & CEO, David Arkell, presented with U.K. partner, John Pooley, on the Certification in Energy Excellence Program.

This program has been developed to help create leaders in energy management and to demonstrate that an organization is taking a pro-active approach to energy management (shown through verifiable results).  The Certification in Energy Excellence Program assesses a site’s energy practices and performance against a rigorous criteria based on international standards and best practices.  The Region of Peel and St. Marys Cement, Bowmanville successfully completed the pilot program last year.

“We are proud to speak at an event that brings together the brightest minds from around the globe to share ideas and seek innovative ways to conserve energy” said David Arkell.  “There are endless opportunities for improving energy efficiency and conservation, and it appears that those in attendance share that mindset and are proactively seeking ways to continuously improve their energy management practices.”

The Region of Peel was awarded Gold Certification in Energy Excellence by 360 Energy in 2009.

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