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Saving Energy with Windsor Regional Hospital and Union Gas

Windsor Regional Hospital participates in the 360 Sustainable Energy Planning Program

Burlington, Ontario, Mar. 29, 2010: Over the past several years, Windsor Regional Hospital has committed to incorporating energy management into their daily activities. Due to their ongoing commitment, they were the first recipients of EnWin Utilities' Green Star Award for recognition of their contribution to helping the environment. This was accomplished by implementing an energy management strategy that addressed not only their energy consumption but also their impact on the environment.

The focus was on objectives that would help the hospital reduce its operating costs without compromising patient care. Being a 24/7 facility with unpredictable occupancy rates, priority is given to patients and not adjusting patient care around energy consumption.

To ensure that all areas of energy management were being covered and that there would be systems in place to encourage continuous improvements over time, Windsor Regional Hospital participated in 360 Energy's Sustainable Energy Planning Program.  The program helped to confirm and benchmark their progress based on other hospitals throughout the U.K. and North America. Completed objectives included the installation of a reverse osmosis water treatment system, occupancy light sensors, and a condensate recovery system.  These initiatives resulted in an ongoing annual reduction of over 600 KW of electricity, 2.2 million liters of water and 98,000 m3 of natural gas.  After going through the program, Windsor Regional Hospital also developed a plan to ensure that energy saving initiatives continued over time.

As part of the public service market, hospitals have always functioned with limited funding. With energy costs rising and budget allotments shrinking, the need for an effective and sustainable energy management program is vital.

Please click here to see what Eric Card, Director of Engineering at the Windsor Regional Hospital and Lawrence Musyj, Director of Conservation and Energy Management at EnWin Utilities had to say about the 360 Sustainable Energy Planning Program.

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Union Gas discusses the benefits of working with 360 Energy and EnWin Utilities

Sarah Van Der Paelt, Director of Commercial Industrial Sales and Marketing at Union Gas, sat down with 360 Energy to discuss how Union Gas has benefited from working with both EnWin Utilities and 360 Energy Inc.  She explains how the partnerships have created an opportunity to provide customers with a more holistic approach to energy management.

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