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360 Energy Speaks at CME Energy Excellence Conference in Halifax

David Arkell PresentingOn March 2nd, David Arkell, President & CEO of 360 Energy Inc. spoke at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association’s (CME) Energy Excellence Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Arkell was amongst other informative and influential speakers including representatives from Nova Scotia Power Inc., Minas Basin Pulp and Power Co. Ltd., Maritime Paper Products Ltd., CKF Inc., and the Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

Arkell discussed world best practices, how to use them as part of an effective energy management program, and how organizations can ensure that these changes are sustainable. His presentation also touched on how world best practices are being implemented specifically in the food and agricultural sector. He noted that “The event was extremely informative and helped provide valuable insight for attendees regarding the next steps in sustainability”.

Allan Crandlemire, Executive Director from Conserve Nova Scotia, commented that the event had “a great mix of speakers both from across Canada and locally”. He also said that the “presentations met all the needs of the attendees with respect to energy efficiency” and that Arkell’s presentation in particular “was an excellent overview of the energy saving opportunities and more importantly, the missed opportunities, within organizations today”.

CaptiveNova Scotia is committed to having one of the cleanest and most sustainable environments in the world by 2020. Energy efficiency and conservation are a key focus as energy demands continue to climb. For example, between 2002 and 2005 energy demand grew by 11% in Nova Scotia even without population growth. Provincial targets include reducing greenhouse gas emissions to at least 10% below 1990 levels by 2020 and adopting California-life emission standards for new vehicles by 2010 for greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

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