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360 Energy Develops Lighting Program

In response to customer inquiries and in order to provide additional energy options, 360 Energy Inc. has developed a lighting services program. The program aligns with 360 Energy’s desire to maintain an objective, unbiased view of all aspects of the energy market in order to ensure that customers are receiving the best possible product and follow up support for their needs.

David Arkell, President & CEO of 360 Energy, emphasized that “While 50% of energy savings can be achieved through non-technical means, we recognize that lighting is also an excellent opportunity for customers to reduce their energy costs and we’re excited to offer our clients an enhanced lighting conservation program”.

The program provides expertise in energy efficient lighting audits, lighting design and project management. The program does not subscribe to one form of lighting technology or specific supplier, similar to the organization’s energy procurement offering, and instead pulls from a vast selection of lighting options. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and no one form of lighting technology is promoted over another. Each lighting project is customized and recommendations are made based on the unique needs of each customer with a clearly defined objective to drive energy savings by maximizing the amount of light output per unit of energy. The program even aims to provide decisive direction on where to locate new lighting fixtures to avoid costly over-lighting, under-lighting and to ensure compliance with the Illuminating Engineering Society standards.

The lighting market includes electricians, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers. With so many companies and so many technologies, it is a difficult task to understand which package is best suited for your facility. This is where the 360 Energy lighting program is crucial.

The 360 lighting program developer, points out that “Anyone can capture energy savings by exchanging old energy inefficient technology with new technology available in the marketplace today, but are they capturing the most energy savings possible? Has reducing the number of fixtures while maintaining the required level of lumen output been considered? Is the use of photocells being considered where daylight harvesting is an option? There are endless options, and our goal is to find what fits best for each organization without leaving any energy savings on the table. Our objective is to maximize energy savings while achieving optimum light levels throughout the facility”.

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About 360 Energy

360 Energy Inc is one of North America's leading energy services firms based in Ancaster, Ontario. They have been providing customized energy solutions for more than ten years to organizations across North America.