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360 Energy Speaks at the Innovation Breakfast Series with Jervis B. Webb

Hamilton, Ontario, Jan. 26, 2010: David Arkell, President & CEO of 360 Energy Inc., spoke this morning at one of the events for the Innovation Breakfast Series. Arkell discussed how going green not only helps the environment but also improves the bottom line if implemented properly with a well-developed energy management plan. Jervis B. Webb, global leader in providing durable material handling systems, also spoke during the event and described how embracing green manufacturing has helped them see positive results for their business. They touched on how 360 Energy’s Sustainable Energy Program assisted them in identifying a starting point and the next steps for their energy management program.

“Business is tough these days, and if the last thing you have time to think about is making sustainability a part of your operation, there are increasing numbers of consultants who know where to start. A good consultant should be able to look at your situation objective and identify and implement the solution to the problem more quickly and efficiently than you or your staff could. When you are close to a situation, there is often a tendency to favour a predetermined solution rather than a creative one, so the objective point of view and special expertise of 360 Energy paid for itself quickly.

360 Energy was able to provide Jervis B. Webb that particular service and put us on a never energy journey. They guarantee an accurate, efficient and quality assured service, offering practical and invaluable advice from the preliminary stages of planning energy conservation to sustainability. In the year 2010, we project tangible savings of over $200,000 from our energy initiative.”

Arkell pointed out that “the success Jervis B. Webb achieved with their energy management program proves, once again, that there are opportunities for all organizations to reduce energy costs and emissions. After being made aware of energy management best practices, the Jervis B. Webb team assembled a plan, implemented their strategy and measured their success. The results speak for themselves”. The series is presented by the Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network, the Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network, the Ontario Centres of Excellence and McMaster University.

About 360 Energy

360 Energy Inc is one of North America's leading energy services firms based in Ancaster, Ontario. They have been providing customized energy solutions for more than ten years to organizations across North America.