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St Marys Cement awarded Silver Certification in Energy Excellence

Burlington ON, May 11, 2009: 360 Energy Inc. is pleased to announce that St. Marys Cement in Bowmanville, Ontario will be the first North American industrial organization to receive its Certification in Energy Excellence. After completing the in-depth, twelve month, third-party evaluation, St. Marys will be receiving a silver level certificate.

It's not something easily attained

David Arkell, President and CEO of 360 Energy Inc. noted, "The Certification in Energy Excellence program was born out of the necessity for organizations to prove their energy and environmental leadership. We are extremely pleased with the silver certification that St. Marys will receive. Not only does it represent St. Marys' progress in energy reduction, but also outlines its strategic goals and initiatives to ensure these reductions continue well into the future."

The program requires proper attention to the management of energy, evidence of progressive improvements in standards, and a commitment to make further progress. The program assesses, mentors, and recognizes an organization’s past energy management efforts and planned future activity. It’s often the case that organizations think they’re doing all they can, but in fact, have tremendous room for improvement. That’s where the Certification in Energy Excellence is imperative.

All registrants have independent energy assessors conduct an in depth assessment, usually a 6-12 month process, of the organization’s energy performance over the last 3 years. An energy baseline must be identified, and a trend of improvement must be demonstrated. The scoring and evidence are then verified by the National Energy Foundation in the U.K. The NEF provides an independent, 3rd party evaluation of a registrant’s procedures and results against a rigorous set of international best practices.

Fabio Garcia, Bowmanville Plant Manager stated, "Completing the Certification Program hasn’t been about completing paperwork. It’s about demonstrating results and measurable performance improvements. But it's not just for the industrial sector; it’s for any organization that aspires for long-term sustainability while maximizing cost control."

On April 20, the Regional Municipality of Peel was awarded the Gold level Certification by Phil McNeely, Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Energy & Infrastructure. David had a chance to speak with him. View the video below for more details.



There are three distinct levels of certification; silver, gold, and platinum. An organization is assessed based on four areas of energy management activity. These include the organization's management commitment to energy, energy procurement practices, investment in energy efficiency, and on-going energy performance improvements. It covers 80% of the registrants energy spend. This could include electricity, natural gas, propane, diesel, and other forms of energy. To register or learn more, visit

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