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360 Energy presenting at 8 EMC events, Common Sense Manufacturing for Uncommon Times

Burlington ON, March 12, 2009: 360 Energy Inc., one of North America’s leading energy services firms, has been invited by Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) to speak during their provincial tour, Common Sense Manufacuring for Uncommon Times. The workshops are running from March 10-13 and March 24-27, 2009.

A weakening manufacturing environment

Economic forecasts released by the major Canadian banks, various think tanks, and even the IMF have stated that Canada's chances of a quick market rebound are becoming increasingly remote. As future GDP numbers are consistently being revised downwards, Ontario, led by the manufacturing industry, will continue to be battered.

A possible solution

The Ontario government is leading the charge with the release of the Green Energy Act. It's meant to stimulate the economy with an estimated 50,000 new jobs over three years, while providing the catalyst for becoming the prominent leader of green energy in North America.  Stemming from this act, the Ontario government intends to eliminate coal-fired power generation, increase the amount of green-powered electricity, and accelerate the growth of energy conservation. However, waiting for the government to act is never ideal; companies can implement changes immediately by enlisting and motivating their employees to discover areas of energy waste. Conservation can be very simple and of little cost, providing a much needed boost to the bottom-line.

Doing your part

From Owen Sound to London, David Arkell, President & CEO of 360 Energy, will be speaking about how companies can achieve significant savings by focusing on energy and avoiding common mistakes and beliefs. Break-out sessions will concentrate on common energy obstacles and how they can be overcome with the co-operation of all employees, from the boardroom to the plant floor. Saving energy goes beyond a lighting retrofit!

Furthermore, 360 Energy has created partnerships with EMC and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (through its Partners in Project Green initiative) to offer a three-phased approach to creating and implementing an energy plan. Two Sustainable Energy Planning programs will be offered on April 15 and April 23, 2009. To further assist manufacturer's, up to 100% of the program funding is being contributed by CME and Union Gas/Enbridge (depending on your jurisdiction).

“Energy conservation and cost reduction needs to be constant and sustainable in order to be effective. With the introduction of the Green Energy Act, manufacturers across the province will begin to realize there are options with respect to how they use and manage energy. Sustainable energy planning is a great starting point for all organizations. Being able to prioritize energy-saving ideas and actions and enlisting help from others is invaluable. It creates a real team environment and many manufacturers are already showing leadership in this regard,” says David Arkell, President of 360 Energy Inc.

Participants in the Sustainable Energy Planning program (SEP) will focus on five key areas of energy management while assessing their current energy management programs by developing a scorecard and baseline map of their current activity. Exposure to over 60 world-wide best practices and energy saving techniques will motivate companies to capitalize on missed opportunities while identifying what internal resources they have available to generate sustainable savings.

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For those that are interested, a site pre-assessment can also be accomplished outlining who should take the SEP program and the current strengths and weaknesses of the active energy management strategy. This is intended to provide the company with a clear picture of what areas they can expect to be improved after the SEP session. After completion of the workshop, 360 Energy will also be offering additional support to help develop a plan, sell the concept to senior management, and ensure resources are available to meet your goals, objectives, and reduction targets. Successful execution will pave the way to utilizing the appropriate technology and creating a sustainable energy program for years to come.

The most recent workshop, hosted in association with EMC was held in Hamilton, Ontario on February 12, 2009. Attendees included employees from Chrysler, ArcelorMittal, and the Ontario Clean Water Agency. Since 2007, over 40 world-class organizations have participated and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars through the 3-step process. For a full list, please view the program brochure.

Common Sense Manufacturing for Uncommon Time workshop details:

March 12th - Barrie
March 13th - Oakville
March 24th - Richmond Hill
March 25th - London
March 26th - Guelph
March 27th - Kitchener

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About 360 Energy

360 Energy Inc is one of North America's leading energy services firms based in Ancaster, Ontario. They have been providing customized energy solutions for more than ten years to organizations across North America.