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FortisBC strengthens its own conservation culture

Burlington ON, November 25, 2008: As the B.C. government takes a proactive approach to energy management, FortisBC is working to strengthen its own sustainable energy plan.

On November 6, 2008, a dozen FortisBC facility managers and supervisors participated in a Sustainable Energy Planning Workshop which was facilitated by 360 Energy. The participants focused on five key areas of energy management, and assessed their current energy management programs by developing a scorecard and baseline map.

Participants studied more than 60 world-class energy management best practices and energy-saving techniques. The FortisBC group then identified opportunities and looked at available internal resources to generate sustainable savings. The processes, programs, and projects identified could lead to bottom-line energy savings of up to 25 percent on both energy and water consumption.

“Energy conservation and cost reduction needs to be constant and sustainable in order to be effective. Organizations, utilities, and municipalities across the country are beginning to realize there are options with respect to how they use and manage energy. Sustainable energy planning is a great starting point for all organizations. Being able to prioritize energy-saving ideas and actions and enlisting help from others is invaluable. It creates a real team environment and FortisBC is showing leadership in this regard,” says David Arkell, President of 360 Energy Inc.

By participating in the program, FortisBC is strengthening its own internal culture of conservation.

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