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Enwin, Union Gas and 360 Energy form partnership

Windsor’s Industrial Customers Take First Step in Greening Their Business

Windsor’s Industrial Businesses will participate in a greening workshop sponsored by EnWin Utilities Ltd., Union Gas and 360 Energy Inc. that will feature a comprehensive approach to electricity, natural gas and water conservation.

DATE:              Thursday, November 13, 2008
PLACE:            Giovanno Coboto Club
TIME:              8 AM – 5 PM

Guest Lunch Speaker Rod Peturson:

Designer of Dr. David Suzuki Public School – Windsor “The most advanced energy efficient school in Canada”

Rod has served as a visiting lecturer at Universities across the United States and Canada and in recent years, he has taught elementary science education to pre-service teachers at the Faculty of Education, University of Windsor.

In a recently announced government partnership project, Rod is designing the most environmentally and energy efficient school building in Canada – Dr. David Suzuki Public School – with the theme of Earth Keepers. He will be joined by his collaborator Les Asselstine who has written over 72 books in the collection “Reading for Real.”

About 360 Energy
360 Energy Inc is one of North America's leading energy services firms based in Burlington, Ontario. They have been providing customized energy solutions for more than ten years to organizations across North America.

About EnWin Utilities
Utilities Ltd. Is Windsor’s Local Distribution Company, responsible for the distribution of electricity and the servicing and maintenance of Windsor’s power line infrastructure. As well, EnWin is a management services company providing fleet, billing, collections, credit, financial, human resources, customer service, and IT services to Windsor Utilities Commission and the City of Windsor.

About Union Gas
Union Gas Limited is a major Canadian natural gas utility that provides energy delivery and related services to about 1.3 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in over 400 communities in northern, southwestern and eastern Ontario.


360 Energy, EnWin Utilities and Union Gas have partnered to help companies remain profitable, strengthen their competitive advantage, and continue the focus on green initiatives by developing an effective energy management strategy.

By pushing for aggressive cost reductions and a concentration on fine-tuning its lean processes, manufacturers will need to focus and sustain savings through energy cost reductions.   A three stage business-solution methodology sponsored by EnWin Utilities (electricity and water) and Union Gas (natural gas) provides Windsor-area businesses a streamlined approach to engage a site’s workforce (from floor level to senior management) to control and reduce daily energy costs and consumption.

The program kicks off with a one-day event on Thursday, November 13, 2008 at the Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario. This limited seat event is a high-profile program and should not to be missed by organizations that are serious about controlling their energy expenditures.  As an added bonus, Rod Peturson will be the lunchtime guest speaker discussing the design of the David Suzuki Public School –  "the most advanced energy efficient school in Canada”, which is being built in Windsor.

Participants of the one-day Sustainable Energy Planning Workshop (SEP) will focus on five key areas of energy management while assessing their current energy management programs by developing a scorecard and baseline map of their current activity. Exposure to over 60 world-wide best practices and energy saving techniques will motivate companies to capitalize on missed opportunities while identifying what internal resources they have available to generate sustainable savings.

For those that are interested, a site pre-assessment can also be accomplished outlining who should take the SEP program and the current strengths and weaknesses of the active energy management strategy. This is intended to provide the company with a clear picture of what areas they can expect to be improved after the SEP session. After completion of the workshop, 360 Energy will also be offering additional support to help develop a plan and sell the concept to senior management to begin to initiate the plan. Successful execution will pave the way to utilizing the appropriate technology and creating a sustainable energy program for years to come.

About 360 Energy

360 Energy Inc is one of North America's leading energy services firms based in Ancaster, Ontario. They have been providing customized energy solutions for more than ten years to organizations across North America.